Kuttymovies HD Collections and its Alternatives


Hey, if you wish to watch and download movies from the internet then in this article, I am going to provide you information about Kuttymovies and its alternatives that would suit you best according to your needs. If you wish to download Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, and Tamil dubbed movies then this site is for you guys, however they also provide you Hindi, Hollywood and Hindi dubbed content which would cater all of your needs.

The major users of Kuttymovies are from south India so they target those groups of south Indian users majorly. we can say that their target market is south Indian users. They also provide other content for the users from other parts of the country.

About Kuttymovies

As this site provides free content to its users, all of the stuff over this site is pirated and is totally illegal according to our Indian law. As our law forbids us to support or perform any piracy of the copyright content.

All of the movies whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood or dubbed movies, you can find here. We can say that it is heaven for movie lovers. If any movie is not available then you can also request that particular movie in the request section of the site.

The interface of this site is very easy to use, as displayed we can search from the search bar which is at the top of the page and we can also sort the movies according to their release dates.

Moreover, if we come a little bit down then we can find a dedicated section which holds the collection of Tamil movies and on the bottom of that, we can find the section of latest Hollywood movies that are dubbed into Tamil language.

At the bottom of this site we can find the section of Hollywood movies where we can get almost every Hollywood movie over this site. 

How these types of sites earn money?

Although these sites don’t charge any penny from its users, but they also have to make money to survive. So they make money from the advertisements which are on the page of the sites.

There are various types of Ads if clicked over it would redirect you to various other pages. There is also some kind of advertisement which contain various types of malware and viruses that could hack into the user’s pc and would steal the personal information of the user. 

How safe are these sites?

These types of sites are not very safe to visit as they could possess a threat to the personal information and data of the user. Moreover, it is illegal to watch pirated content as according to our law it is illegal to use the copyright content without the permission of the producer of that content.

However, there are some measures that can be taken before visiting these sites so that the safety of the user can be ensured. 

How to safely visit these sites?

There are some measures which could be taken before visiting these sites.

First of all, you must ensure that you must install a good antivirus which would provide you safety from various malware and viruses that are present in these sites.

Secondly, you must install a VPN software that would keep your location safe from the hackers and would also give access to blocked sites.

Thirdly you must install an Adblock plugin that would block many advertisements that are very annoying. This would also prevent you from accidentally clicking over advertisements that would redirect you to other pages that are not appropriate for its users.

 Why government blocks these sites?

As all of the content available on these sites is pirated and theses sites do not take permission from their original producers before using and distributing the content over their websites. So the producers can make a copyright strike over the websites and also it is illegal in our Indian law to support or promote or perform any piracy and under which government blocks these sites.

If any of the sites get blocked by the government then they come up with new domains that are just similar to their old ones. 

Other domains of Kuttymovies

Whenever any of the domain gets blocked then these sites come up with new domains and similarly, kuttymovies have also some backup domains which could be used whenever any of them gets blocked.

Some of the other domains of Kuttymovies are










Other alternatives of Kuttymovies

There are various other alternatives to Kuttymovies which are also quite famous among users.



Tamilrockers is also one of the leading sites which focuses mainly on Tamilian movies and along with that they also provide various Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Like other sites, this site also provides you various movies without charging any penny from its users and most of the content is in HD quality. Users can find the latest movies here as this site also depends on pirated content and by this, they are always on the government list of blocking sites.

The interface of this site is quite user-friendly and easy to use, users get notified over slides that are continuously changing over the home page which tells users about various upcoming movies and latest uploaded movies.

There is also a special request icon where users can request about which type of movies they want to watch.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Latest content
  • Wide area to select from


  • Annoying ads
  • Provides pirated content
  • Sometimes not able to access the site



Tamilgun is also one of the famous websites which are preferred by south Indian users like Kuttymovies and tamilrockers, tamilgun also provide mostly Tamilian content and along with that they also provide dubbed Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies.

You can also stream various TV shows over this site, as this site provides also provide you option of streaming along with download option. The interface of this site is easy to use and is soothing to our eyes, there are various links provided for a single movie which is helpful whenever any of the links get blocked then you can use another link.

However, recently the no. of ads on this site has increased making the experience of user annoying.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Wide variety of movies and tv shows to choose from
  • Can also stream along with download links
  • Fast and high-quality links


  • Annoying ads
  • Pirated and copyright content



As the name describes this site also focuses mainly on Tollywood content and along with that Bollywood and Hollywood movies are also available on this site. Along with movies you can also watch TV shows on this site and you don’t have to register or pay anything to avail facilities of this site.

The interface of this site very bright and friendly as you don’t face any difficulty in finding the desired content. There is a wide range of variety from which you can choose according to your mood or requirements, latest movies are uploaded over these sites and along with that you get a proper description and summary of the movie which would help you in choosing the right movie for you.


  • HD and high-quality content
  • Wide range and variety of movies
  • Free content


  • Too bright UI
  • Too much ads


Another movie site which majorly targets Tamilian movies and along with that also has a wide variety of content like Hollywood, Bollywood and various other genres. The interface of this site is very easy to use as almost everything is available on the home screen, there are various tabs options that are on the home screen which makes easier to navigate within the apps.

Along with movies, you can also listen to various songs that make a one-stop destination for many purposes. If we see over the right corner then you can see the recent and updated movies tab which displays the newest movies of the websites.

The theme of this site is dark which makes it easy to use during night times.


  • HD and high-quality links
  • Easy to use interface and dark theme
  • Wide range of movies and songs


  • Lot of ads
  • Sometimes difficult to access



Again, one-stop destination for movie lovers where you can find almost every movie on this site.

This site has the easiest way to navigate through your favorite movie under which you can search for movies by alphabets which are present over the top of the page.

On the right side of the page you would find genre tab from which you can navigate from the various genre like action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, documentary and many more.

Below this tab you would find the Release year tab under which you can navigate from different release years. Moreover, you can also watch various TV shows along with movies. It also has an option of trending on the top of the page where you can find the list of trending movies and tab of TOP IMDB where you can get IMDB recommended movies where you can get movies which are best according to IMDB.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Can also watch TV shows
  • Wide variety of movies


  • Lot of ads
  • Too bright to use during the night



Again, one-stop destination for movie lovers where you can find almost every movie on this site.

This site has the easiest way to navigate through your favorite movie under which you can search for movies by alphabets which are present Todaypkmovies provide you wide variety of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood movies under which you can find almost every movie of your choice.

You can search for movies according to different countries and according to different languages. The quality of movies is mostly in HD and high quality and with the help of an easy user interface, you can easily find your desirable movies. On the top of the page you get various options like feature, latest, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed, Telegu, Pakistani, Tamil, Punjabi, and various other options.

On the left corner you would find the tab where they display the latest Hollywood movies which makes it easy to access for the users.


  • Wide range of movies
  • Easy to use
  • Full HD content


  • Lot of ads
  • Too bright UI


The information provided in this article is for educational purpose only. We do not support or promote any kind of piracy and use of copyright content without the permission of the original producer. As according to our Indian law it is illegal to promote or support piracy of any movie or TV show.

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