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Well, downloading movies and shows that are a popular means of entertainment is no less difficult task to perform. This definitely has been made easy through a number of options. To download movies there are two ways to access one is the legal and the other one is illegal that offers free links. And then there are websites that work as providing links that are available on other sites. Vumoo is one such website that performs search-engine providing you direct links of movies and shows you are looking for.


About Vumoo

As I mentioned Vumoo works as in between source that provides direct links of movies available in on other websites. You can stream movies online wherever you want and you can find innumerable latest content on its site.

The website is neither an uploader or a host it simply accumulates everything on its page. And provides links to another website on which your favorite movies will be available. Moreover, it is not a piracy website and does not perform illegally. But it does work as a search engine and redirects you to pirate websites or other sites. through links provided on its page. It can be considered that it is not completely legal as well. As some of its movies links will redirect to many piracy websites that use infringing content 

On its website, you see many movies recommendation that has the highest rating on IMDb.Or that maybe trending on legal sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and soon. You can find many Tv shows suggestions and their direct links. Those links will redirect you to other sites on which those movies will be available. Movies are available in various different genres and yearly updates, top-rated, trending, etc. 


Why should you not use Vumoo?

As I have already said that it does not really an uploader nor a host but acts as a search engine. It simply provides direct links of movies and tv shows that can be available on legal sites or illegal. Therefore, no matter what it does use links of movies that can redirect you to pirated websites. Though itself does not use piracy content but indirectly takes you to those websites that upload infringing content. As being the user or provider of pirated content both will be considered a crime. This site is also unknowingly promoting piracy sites.

So, willingly or unwillingly it can take you to a piracy website that not only violates our government laws but also uses illegal links. These links are certainly not authorized. Moreover, it uses ads containing corrupted files that may harm your device for future usage. I, therefore, suggest using legal ways to stream and download movies. 


How to download officially?

We may not be aware of most of the websites such as this one. Though we all are aware of NetFlix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and few others. Yes, these websites are certainly the legal and secure option to enjoy your favorite movies. These sites also have their amazing original series along with lots of latest and old movies. And subscribing to these sites you will also get notifications of the latest movies and trending Tv shows.

Though these may cost you monthly or yearly subscription and some also have free movies as well. These sites upload movies and shows/series officially and are definitely secure to use. All Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available in HD quality. 


Two famous alternatives to Vumoo

Netflix is the primer video streaming platform when comes to downloading movies and shows legally. It offers movies and TV series and short films in several different languages. You can access Netflix originals namely Stranger Things, House of cards, Black Mirror, Lust stories, Scared Games, Narcos and many others. 

Moreover, you do not have to pay at once, you will get a one-month free trial. Thereafter, you can continue watching while choosing one of the three streaming plans: basic, standard and premium. Each plan will offer you different features and limits to watch films and shows. Additionally, many Telecom and internet companies like Airtel providing free 3-months Netflix subscription. Its basic plan of Rs. 500 lets you stream videos at 480p quality. 


Amazon Prime Video is a rival to Netflix and ranks second in the list of video streaming platforms in India. It is a much cheaper option compare to Netflix where the basic plan starts at the lowest cost of Rs 500. Whereas Amazon Prime Video offers a monthly subscription at only Rs.129. And a yearly subscription at the cost of Rs.999 along with free Amazon Prime deliveries on Amazon account.

Talking about movies and shows, well it holds a strong collection of Hindi and English Tv shows and movies. Along with awesome storage of Bollywood and other Indian language movies. Name it Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil or else. It also produces home-grown content too. Such as The Man from High Castle, One Mississippi, Fleabag and others. 

You can stream shows such as Suits, The Mindy Project, Young Sheldon, and many more. 


Is Vumoo legit?

Vumoo exists in a shady grey area of the web, where they may not be directly breaking any laws. By displaying only downloaded links and codes for the videos, they hope that they can void themselves of any direct responsibility for uploads, which is where most of the legal issues come in. As a viewer of the website, it is not simple to negate responsibility as the websites that you download video from neither claims responsibility nor informs you of the fact that the movies and new TV shows are likely legally uploaded.

Ultimately, movies and TV shows can pump you up with its unmatchable entertainment resources continually.


Wrap Up

The article definitely offers enough informational content for you to choose the best and secure option. Even though it is related to the entertainment industry safety matters the most. You should appreciate the artist’s hard work by using legal ways to enjoy movies.

For more such educational articles stay tuned with us for further updates. Thank you so much for your precious time. 



We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating Indian laws already.

In this article, I will tell about Vumoo and some legal websites on which you can stream and download movies securely. 


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